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Daily Buzz: How Trend Analysis Can Benefit Associations

Pay attention to what fads show about human behavior

When trends come and go quickly, it can be easy to dismiss them as a passing fancy. But whether you engage with them or not, it pays to study them, says Colleen Dilenschneider on Know Your Own Bone.

“Trends can allow your organization to peer into the minds of current and potential audiences, making your organization aware of challenges and opportunities,” she says. “Think of it this way: It’s helpful to know if there’s a tornado warning in the area, even if you aren’t sure if it’s rolling down your specific street. Just knowing with confidence that there’s a tornado in your midst can help you decide how to prepare and respond.”

Trends can help associations learn about the perceptions, behaviors, and motivators for engagement that current and potential members hold—all of which can unlock key insight and strategies that will push organizations into the future.

“A primary benefit of data isn’t that it allows us to look backwards and congratulate ourselves on past decisions (although it’s nice when it does), but that it removes guesswork and informs our direction moving forward,” Dilenschneider says. “Instead of declaring that trends do not apply to or impact them, we encourage leaders to ask, ‘To what extent do these realities apply to us, what do we need to know about our own institution given this critical information, and what is the best way forward?’”

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