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High School Is Becoming the New Battlefield In the War For Talent

Job recruiter reach is no longer an issue

The internet has done wonders for recruiters. Jobs sites allow recruiters to post open positions in places they know job seekers will visit, breaking down geographic barriers and giving them access to candidates from all parts of the country.

Reach is no longer an issue. What’s more challenging is bringing in individuals who have the drive, skills and hands-on experience to not only carry out essential job functions, but to excel within the organization. In this tight labor market, with competition for workers as intense as it has ever been, anything that can give employers an edge in connecting with quality candidates even before they become candidates can make a big difference.

Considering Generation Z – those born after 1997, according to Pew Research Center — will add 61 million people to the workforce, recruiters should pay special attention to this population, learning how to connect and interact with them right now — even if they haven’t received their high school diploma yet.

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