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How to Lead in a Time of Declining Trust

The public’s faith in institutions is eroding

Associations are, among other things, in the business of selling trust. Trust in the certifications it delivers to its members. Trust in the authority of its products and services. Trust in the quality of its research.

Problem is, trust isn’t what it used to be.

Anecdotal evidence of that is as close as your social media feeds and TV screens. Every day seems to deliver a cycle of an attention-grabbing Event, followed by hours of analysis of the Event, followed by a debunking of the Event, which produces analysis of the debunking in which the debunker may or may not be a Russian bot. By the time an authoritative news outlet or rumor-busting site arrives on the scene with verified facts about the Event, everybody’s dug into their camps. And what does “authoritative” mean, anyway, bub?

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