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The Ultimate Focus Secret: Making Your Smartphone Dumb

Here’s how to get back to the basics

Have the pressures of modern society gotten you down? Do you spend 95 percent of your free time cruising Instagram, with very little benefit to your soul? Does your phone do so much for you that it distracts you from the real work of getting stuff done?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. With a little effort, you can strip that majestic rectangle of pure, unbridled information and entertainment down to a no-nonsense communication device. Here’s how—and feel free to skip the more extreme steps if what you want is a phone that’s kind of smart and kind of dumb.


A big part of what makes a smartphone smart? Apps! So let’s remove all those handy programs you’ve downloaded over the years. For Apple devices, it’s a pretty manual affair involving pressing each app’s icon until it jiggles and presents you with an X in the corner. Do that over and over until you’ve removed all you can remove (we’ll get to how to disable built-in apps later).

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