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Report: The Story Machine Learning Tells About Nonprofits

There are different kinds of organizational hot spots around the country

What could machine learning teach us about nonprofits nationwide? For one thing, a little more about what kinds of nonprofits are more common in different places.

Recently, the data analytics firm Civis teamed with the magazine Fast Company to dive into data about nonprofits in 15 different topic areas. The firm used topic modeling, a type of machine learning, to analyze 2017 tax filings from 353,000 nonprofits secured from the IRS and managed using Amazon Web Services.

The Civis report found, in most states, nonprofits that serve vulnerable populations, such as children, seniors and people with disabilities, are most common, but there are some notable differences in certain regions. For example, three major West Coast states (Arizona, California and Washington) most commonly focus on youth character development, while key mid-Atlantic states (Maryland and Virginia) are mostly driven by economic development.

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