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Daily Buzz: Embrace Negative Feedback

Negative conference responses can help your organization grow

Feedback is a double-edged sword: When it’s great, it feels fantastic; when it’s not, it can feel awful. But eliminating a forum where members of your online community can come to air out grievances isn’t the answer.

Instead of shying away from negative feedback, you should embrace it, said Shannon Emery on the Higher Logic blog.

“When customers provide feedback in a digital space that you own, you can position and represent your company in a positive way. You have an opportunity to frame the conversation and use their feedback to benefit their customer experience,” she said. “If they take their conversations elsewhere (and they will), you have no control over that. More importantly, you lose the opportunity to get insight.”

Working through negative feedback also gives your organization a chance to be transparent with members, and transparency builds trust.

“If your customers know you’re listening, being open, and working with their feedback, it will go a long way,” Emery said. “In today’s digital world, your end users are seeking clear communication and hiding is no longer the solution.”

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