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Facial Recognition Next in Line to Improve Commerce

Facial technology is moving into the payments environment

Paying for goods via facial technology used to be something only seen in the movies, but now it is becoming a reality as the technology around identity verification grows. In fact, some iPhone users may already be using this method of identification. Apple’s Face ID lets users securely unlock their devices, authenticate purchases, sign into apps, and more — all with just a glance.

This technology is not only being used by consumers for basic identification, but now facial technology is moving into the payments environment to increase security and convenience for consumers.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?
Facial recognition uses mathematical algorithms to capture, extract, compare, and match a face to a person’s identity. Physical samples are collected through a scan and then the data is extracted for comparison purposes. Identity matches are then based on an existing image stored in a facial database. The entire process only takes a few seconds due to artificial intelligence.

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