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Issues Over Institutions

How Millennials interact with causes

The Millennial generation has been a force for social change long enough that there’s now 10 years of research on the ways they engage with the causes they care about.

The Millennial Impact Report, released last week, takes a comprehensive overview of data collected since 2009 by the Millennial Impact Project, an initiative supported by the Case Foundation. A few major takeaways: Millennials (defined as being born between 1980 and 2000) have become more issue-focused as they get older, have trusted their own power over that of institutions and they often think innovatively about solutions to big problems.

“Whether in spite or because of their youth, Millennials have created new ways to bring about real changes in society over the last decade, and we suspect that new waves of young people will continue to drive even greater change,” the report states.

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