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Daily Buzz: How Security Practices Can Deepen Value

Become a trustworthy advocate for their data protection and privacy rights

Beyond protecting data from a potential breach, security and privacy regulations can strengthen the relationship with your members, said William Rankin on the Wicket blog.

“In the exercise of rewriting your processes around data collection and privacy, your association will need to revisit your mission, vision and values,” Rankin said. “This will allow your association to identify unique ways around how you can further promote the value of your association to members—as a trustworthy advocate for their rights around data protection and privacy.”

Once you have those standards in place, be transparent with your members about what you are doing to protect their information.

“Don’t discount the benefits of discussing data privacy just because it seems scary to open that can of worms,” Rankin said. “Your efforts to frequently communicate that your association is committed to protecting their right to privacy enables your team to build deeper relationships with your members.”

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