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Game Changer: Lessons To Take Your Organization To Its Peak

Lack of failure-tolerance stifles progress and innovation

Getting your association to the top of its game isn’t that different from reaching the top of Mount Everest, contends Alison Levine, a former Wall Street associate turned mountain climber and leadership speaker. She says success—at associations or on mountain tops—involves taking risks and learning from mistakes, adapting to change, trusting your team, and encouraging everyone to be a leader.

“In order for organizations to succeed and grow, they need to encourage a culture of failure-tolerance,” said Levine, a "game changer" at ASAE’s 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition. “Lack of failure-tolerance stifles progress and innovation. If people are afraid to fail, then they will never have the courage to take risks.”

Levine, who climbed Everest twice, says the lessons she learned on both difficult journeys are useful to association professionals too.

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