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Getting A Salary That's Just Right For You

Here are some tips for current seekers

Dealing with the issue of salary during the job application process can be incredibly stressful. If you aim too low, you can hurt your quality of life. Yet, you may fear that aiming too high will take you out of the running for a position. Then, of course, there is the delicate dance of salary negotiations once you get a job offer. 

Scores of you offered your own thoughts on navigating difficult conversations about salary during a job search. Mark Malaeb said it’s wise to reject the first offer from an employer, for example. Caeli Bislich added that it’s important to consider the company’s benefits as part of the equation. Also, many of you rightly said that it’s important to know how much you’re worth.

Know YOUR price
“The first thing people should do is find out what their market value is,” said Victoria Pynchon, a compensation expert and founder of She Negotiates Consulting. 

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