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Lessons For Leadership During Market Volatility

Market volatility is a current fear for many - for good reason

Starting to drive you crazy?  It’s become the side topic in lobbies, lunchrooms, in telephone calls and even meetings, ‘What’s the market doing today?

Best I can recall, 2007/8 began with the skies getting darker and darker and then…the elevator cable snapped. The past week’s market volatility, and particularly Monday’s dive, rekindles some of those memories!  For many, it’s become front of mind and…a distraction.

Most of us have no control over the equity markets and yet, the markets seem to have control over some of us! That said, it’s hard to ignore the caution signs.  Volatility is the new norm, currently fueled more by trade issues and global uncertainty than our own domestic performance.  Most still predict 2019 will still be ‘OK,’ but, if exports are part of your revenue stream or that of your customers, the softening of global markets can’t be ignored. Learn from the past; preparing for this new reality of volatility is not an option… it’s a must.

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