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The Inherent Value of the Intrapreneurship In The Workplace

Foster an environment that gives all team members the voice to make a difference

When it comes to establishing a healthy, collaborative work culture for personnel, many companies emphasize things like flexible workspace, internet connectivity, healthy snacks and wellness activities for employees. But what about fostering an environment that gives team members — no matter how junior — the confidence and initiative to bring innovative and sometimes disruptive ideas to the table that will push the company forward?

There is great value in business executives who afford employees and tech talent the freedom to contribute fresh ideas that could expand product offerings and/or the services companies provide — both from a management standpoint, as well as a sales and revenue standpoint.

Employees don’t have to be corporate founders or CEOs to be innovators—by giving them independence, supporting their goals and staying open to new, risky ideas, you can unleash your employee’s inner entrepreneurs for a healthier culture and even new, profitable products or services.

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