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How to Reach Generation Z on Social Media

Fact: They prefer active participation in content creation

Generation Z is changing the rules of social media as most of us know it. This generation grew up with social media and, unexpectedly, may be the most private generation yet. They understand the balance of public and private social media profiles more than any generation before them. Their consumption of content is less about being broadcasted to; they instead prefer to be an active participant in content creation and community development. Influencers with personal relationships with their fans have the most impact on Gen Z.

According to a study by advertising and PR agency SCG, more than 70 percent of Gen Z reports using Snapchat more than six times per day, so it’s the natural place to begin strategizing. Snapchat is the most valued platform for keeping in touch with friends, according to 89 percent of Gen Z social media users in the same study. This means they’re resistant to advertising; it is considered invasive here, the equivalent of a telemarketer to older generations.

Gen Z does trust influencers and figures in the community though. Influencer marketing is going to be your most effective strategy on Snapchat. Ask industry influencers to take over your event’s Snapchat. Provide them with guidelines, but don’t dictate content. Promote your takeovers through email and other social channels to boost engagement and views.

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