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Send the Right Message About Membership ROI

Recently, I have become a bit of a podcast addict. I like one in particular, not only for its content but also because of its promotional strategy. It’s the New York Times podcast, The Daily.

I’ve become such a regular listener that recently I started a monthly subscription with the Times, largely based on an advertising appeal The Daily makes in between segments. In the ads, The Daily turns the mic over to journalists who explain how subscribers support their work—whether it’s reporting on a story from the front-lines of Syria or doing the legwork required to file a hefty Freedom of Information Act request.

Meanwhile, in the New York City market, the Times recently started a pretty slick location-based ad campaign centered on two themes: “The Truth Is Local” and “The Truth Is Worth It.”Both of which are very good at telling stories that connect subscription dollars to the important journalistic work that the newspaper does daily.

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