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Before You Choose Your Next Software Tool, Ask These Five Usability Questions

These questions are extremely valuable

Back in March, I wrote about my concern that Google Inbox was about to go away, after I’d used it on a regular basis for about five years.

In April, Google finally closed down its power-user email client, and I felt sad. But I also saw an opportunity, because it forced me to think hard about my routines and whether I needed to change anything.  I did a little experimenting with other tools and even Inbox-like Chrome extensions, but I ultimately found that Gmail was still the one for me. Its integrations with existing plug-ins and other services meant more than any new doodad.

That’s because the muscle memory baked into Gmail is just too good, and many of the things I had taken for granted with Inbox had worked their way into Gmail. It works similarly enough that it does the job for me.

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