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How To Write An Employee Manual Employees Will Actually Read

Consider making it more engaging by injecting it with more personality

I recently read our company’s employee manual -- and I was surprised at how good it is. Our manual is different than most in that it sprang up from within the company, rather than being handed down from on high by the CEO (me). This communal approach resulted in a handbook that is more about who we are than about rules.

In this article, I'll explore what I learned from reading an employee manual written by employees and suggest how you might put these lessons to use in your own company.

Fully Alive, Rooted In Values
Our employee handbook begins with an immersion into our company in real-time. You can do this, too, by providing links to your social media feeds as well as a link to your blog -- as long as it is regularly updated. (Everyone in our company contributes about one post per month to our blog.) These links in an employee handbook assure that it won’t become a moribund tome of old ideas and old ways, and it keeps you honest because it is easy to compare who you are with who this book says you are.

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