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Align Your Passion With Your Purpose

The purpose is the why

Achieving success in whatever you endeavor is about marrying your passions and your purpose, said Alton Fitzgerald White, the six-time Broadway leading man who gave the closing keynote address Tuesday at the 2019 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Columbus.

“I could do all these things because my passion and purpose were aligned,” said White, whose Broadway repertoire includes a record-breaking 4,308 performances as King Mufasa in The Lion King.

To do that, you need to start with definitions. “I define passion as the gasoline, the fuel, the motivator, the energy that moves you forward, energy that just has to be expressed,” White said. “The purpose is the why. It’s the reason why you want to take those feelings that you can’t explain to anyone else because they are specifically for you—those desires you’re born with that want to be brought to the surface—that is purpose.”

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