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Daily Buzz: How to Stay Relevant in Changing Times

Stay relevant by homing in on your association’s messaging

Amid changing times and the constant flow of new technology, staying relevant is no easy feat. To maintain value to members, organizations must embrace new platforms and innovations.

“If you think about it as the ‘unknown’ and concentrate on the potential for disruption, then, yeah, the idea of ever-changing technology will be scary,” Colleen Bottorff says on the MemberClicks blog. “But instead, try thinking about it as an opportunity. To better serve your members, to drive your mission, to make work-life easier on your staff. What new doors are opened to accomplish those things, with a new social media platform or piece of technology?”

The second key to staying relevant: homing in on your association’s messaging.

“By strengthening your messaging, you won’t even have to try very hard to prove your relevance because you’ll be constantly communicating it, driving it into your audience’s subconscious,” Bottorff says.

Focus on the human element of your organization’s mission to drive connection, and put it in context with what’s going on in the world so that you’re always part of the conversation.

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