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Use Respect And Inspiration To Keep Team Energy High

How the best leaders energize their people daily

If you’re like most leaders, the days can be long and filled with millions of things to do, and it’s easy to lose sight of your energy. And the same is true of the people on your team. Ideally, the work you do every day should be energizing, but part of leadership is making it happen when it isn’t happening naturally. Here are some ways to keep your people energized and motivated:

Tap into what inspires them. The status quo is usually a pretty comfortable place, and it’s never easy for leaders to get people to move forward. Ask yourself what inspires your team. Is it the mission? The camaraderie and teamwork? Personal ambition? Tap into what you know of them to help them make the leap from impossible to possible. Let them know it’s going to be hard at times, but the rewards will be great.

Celebrate the big things—and the little ones too. Great leaders are constantly finding ways to honor their people and celebrate their individual and shared successes. Don’t wait for an excuse to inject energy into your people. Let them know you see their progress and do everything you can to celebrate it—and them.

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