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Three Ways OSAE Members Can Ship Smarter

Maximize efficiency while still getting the most of your shipping budget

Those working in the association industry understand the special emphasis needed on speed, reliability and accuracy in day-to-day operations. Shipping critical small package and freight items, from important documents to palletized larger shipments for shows & events, have to be held to the very same standard. But when time is in a crunch and your team is stretched thin, it’s easy to overlook the ways that you can maximize efficiency while still getting the most of your shipping budget. PartnerShip®, the endorsed shipping provider of OSAE, has broken down three key ways that members can ship smarter by utilizing the OSAE Shipping Program.

1. Reduced costs
Shippers need a competitive advantage that keeps operations running smoothly while also optimizing your budget. With costs increasing year over year, logistics expenditures is an area of opportunity where many businesses can maintain productivity while improving their bottom line. One of the easiest ways to save on shipping is by obtaining discounts with carriers. OSAE members save on their small package shipping through exclusive discounts with FedEx. Sensitive documents, office supplies, and smaller product components can ship where you need them to, while saving you money.

Moving larger shipments can be tricky, too, especially if you’re a novice shipper or don’t encounter freight very often. Because freight shipping can entail a whole new world of varying costs and additional fees, you need to know just what your shipment needs at pick-up and delivery, every single time. PartnerShip helps you determine exactly what would be best for your shipment and then negotiates discounts on your behalf with the industry’s top carriers, including UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and more. You benefit from competitive pricing on everything from standard freight services to premium expedited moves.

2. Increased efficiency
Whether or not you have your own dedicated shipping department, working with a supplemental team of shipping experts can help alleviate time wasted and stress incurred when faced with many day-to-day logistical challenges. Cutting out extra steps and moving from start to finish faster means you’re shipping smarter.

If you ship with FedEx currently, but the OSAE Shipping Program can save you on your small package costs, the discounts will be linked to your existing account. If you don’t currently have a FedEx account, you’ll receive help to set one up with the OSAE discounts. Your business operations are improved with a streamlined shipping procedure, less costs, and no extra work for you or your team.

When it comes to freight, unless you’re shipping regularly, many business owners don’t know where to start. While arranging a freight shipment itself can be confusing, the stress doesn’t necessarily stop once it leaves the dock door. Working with freight specialists at Partnership can help ease the entire process, from quoting with carriers to paying your final bill. From your online account, you can find your freight class, compare rates with carriers, print paperwork, and pay invoices online.

3. Customized solutions
One-size-fits-all problem solving doesn’t work for everyone, and not every OSAE member association has the same shipping needs. In order to truly optimize your shipping procedures, it’s important to take a look at what services make the most sense for your business. Whether you require expedited services, or need assistance with managing event shipping, you want available options that fit your budget and your expectations. It’s tough to know what you need, though, if you don’t know what you’re looking at. The shipping specialists at PartnerShip can conduct a free shipping analysis for your business. By looking at your current invoices and discussing your business trends with you, they’ll help to uncover ways to cut your costs and improve operations.

Through FedEx, members can order shipping supplies like boxes, labels, and envelopes for free to stay stocked up and prepared for any outbound move. It’s also easy to find FedEx store locations by zip code and region, so you can manage your small package shipping whether you’re local or on the road. You can search store locations depending on what shipment solutions you need from FedEx, too, whether it’s simply a quick drop off or a full service print and package facility.

Working with a shipping provider like PartnerShip, OSAE members gain a knowledgeable resource and a dependable consultant to both streamline the shipping process and save on logistics costs. Learn more about the OSAE Shipping Program by calling (800) 599-2902 or visit

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