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Daily Buzz: The Three P’s of Strategic Planning

Don't let the words "strategic planning" make you shudder

Strategic planning. Do the words make you shudder? If so, you’re not alone.

“Perhaps scarred by a past planning effort, many nonprofit leaders and board members describe lengthy, laborious and ultimately ineffectual processes that failed to translate their organizational vision into reality,” Gregory Nielsen explains on the Bloomerang blog. “But there is hope, and a path to a far more energizing and effective plan.”

And that plan starts with purpose. Why is your organization embarking on this planning initiative?

Consider the people putting the plan into action, too. Are they the right team members leading the charge? “A universal truth of board governance, and planning, is that the people in the room determine the questions that are asked,” Nielsen says.

Then, define the process. “Nonprofit leaders should evaluate the planning processes that have worked well with their team in the past and the type of process needed to confront the challenges of today,” he says. “Will your board and key staff team respond better to a full-day retreat or a series of shorter sessions? Will you need to revisit the mission, vision and values of the organization or do they still reflect the organization’s north star?”

Whatever the answers, a clear outline will pave the way for a successful strategy.

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