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Is SEO Losing Its Luster?

Not yet, but...

Nearly two years ago, Facebook made a decision that led to some major fraying of its reputation among marketers.

The company, in an effort to remain in its users’ good graces, decided to scale back the organic reach of brand posts—already a point of contention on the network’s news feed—even further. While Facebook still has value in the marketing ecosystem, it’s not the same, and many brands, associations among them, responded by switching to more traditional methods of reaching their audiences.

One method that made a bit of a comeback was search engine optimization, or SEO. There are some major advantages to allowing search engines to help dictate strategy, including an avoidance of some of the privacy risks associated with Facebook and other social networks. But SEO has always had some built-in weaknesses—the biggest one being that Google,  like Facebook, has not been afraid to make changes to its algorithms to favor its own business interests.

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