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Daily Buzz: Questions To Ask Before Building an Online Community

Fostering a community is hard work

Online communities don’t crop up overnight. Like other business initiatives, fostering a community takes effort and a thoughtful strategy.

Rachel Strella from Social Media Today shares a few questions to consider before launching an online community:

Are you willing to put in the work? “There’s a difference between posting content and cultivating a community,” she says. “Regardless of the platform you use, if you only post your content then sign off, you’re wasting your time.” To cultivate a community, you have to take time to listen and engage with member commentary.

Will your community offer value? If the drive behind starting an online group is self-promotion, don’t bother. “No one wants to hear a sales pitch, so save it,” Strella says. “Focus your energy on serving the needs of your community by offering value-based content and suggestions. This will strengthen your relationship with your audience.”

Will members be able to join at will, or will they be included automatically? “What’s worse than posting salesy content without engaging your community? Forcing your connections into said community,” says Strella. Forcing people to get involved can annoy busy members, leaving them potentially frustrated with your association.

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