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Leveraging the Field

Why green companies win

Green companies outperform their non-green competitors. This is not a creative marketing spin.  It is a measured and accurate result as tracked by the stock markets.  Why?  Is it simply because they are hyper-focused on sustainability and reducing associated costs?  Or could it be that such companies are experiencing a kind of “marketing cushion” of higher-than-deserved stock performance?  Or could it be these companies have uncovered a performance model that maximizes “the field” of quantum energy?

What is “the Field”?  The Field – which is also referred to as “quantum reality” – is a matrix of electromagnetic waves that permeate everything.  “So what?” you may ask.  Consider the following reality as proven via scientific experiments and measured observations:  i) at the base of all physical matter are tiny electromagnetic energy waves, ii) as two electromagnetic waves intersect, they exchange data, and iii) communication in the Field is instantaneous.  This reality means that all living and innate matter in our world are connected every single instant.

Core Attributes of the Field.  What are the Top 2 Priorities of the Field?  Expansion and Balance.  Everything in the universe has a drive to expand – humans, animals, plants, bacteria, even the universe itself.  And optimal expansion springs from ideal balance.

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