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Report: Engaged Leaders Make for a Stronger Association PAC

Fully embrace your fundraising roles to drive PAC success

If you want your association’s political action committee to make the greatest possible impact, you’ll need the full commitment of board and staff leaders to act as champions and fundraisers, according to the Public Affairs Council’s biennial study of what makes association PACs successful.

According to the ‌2019 Association PAC Benchmarking Report[membership required], engaged leaders both boost a PAC’s visibility and increase its fundraising capabilities. “PAC involvement by association senior staff executives, association board members, and the member leader, such as the PAC board chair or elected president, remains crucial to the success of the PAC,” the report states.

The 81 associations that responded to the survey included both individual membership societies and trade organizations. Their responses covered federal PAC activities and receipts during the 2017-2018 election cycle.

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