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401(k) Lawsuits Are Rising

Why so many workers sue their employers over savings plan

You would think most investors are fairly happy with their results, 10 years into a rising stock market and with solid gains delivered by bonds, too. But that apparently isn't the case at a lot of 401(k) workplace retirement plans.

Unhappiness over high fees, inappropriate investment options and other issues have led to a spike in lawsuits in recent years, according to a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The flip side is that many 401(k) programs have gotten better in recent years, partly because of increased litigation risk.

These trends affect nearly two in three adult workers with money invested in 401(k)-style plans, which have replaced traditional pensions as retirement mainstays in the workplace. The plans feature tax-saving benefits and allow workers to contribute money automatically from each paycheck. Many employers offer matching funds to encourage further saving.

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