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New Tech Consortium Looks to Make Computing More Secure

Organizations should boost security around data in trusted environments

Valuable data is often highly secured while it’s not in use, sitting on a hard drive or solid-state drive in a server room.

But what happens when that data is actually in use, sitting in memory? Or when it has to go across the network to another machine halfway across the world? Well, a new computing industry coalition would like to clear up the air around the potential of securing data for these use cases.

Recently, a number of major tech and cloud companies—including Intel, IBM (along with its Red Hat subsidiary), Google, ARM, and Microsoft—announced that they would create the Confidential Computing Consortium, a project community that wants to help define the parameters of “confidential computing,” a concept that boosts the security around data in trusted environments, allowing for data in use to be as secure in multiple places as it is when it’s being kept in one place.

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