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Daily Buzz: How to Push Forward When You’re Understaffed

It’s important to have the existing team on the same page

Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t enough people to get everything done in a day. Other times, there really aren’t enough people on staff.

Whatever the reason behind being understaffed, it’s important to have the existing team on the same page. Sit down and create a game plan for next steps, including assigning roles where needed.

“If each employee in an organization is wearing tons of different hats, it can be frustrating to know who to go to for what,” Olivia Layne writes on Nonprofit Hub. “But if you know exactly who has the know-how and the time to dedicate to each issue, you can speed up the whole process. It not only makes the process faster, but better because you know it’s what that person does best.”

Once the team has a handle on who is taking care of what, it’s time to prioritize which tasks to tackle or issues to solve first. Remember that you’re all human and can only take on so much.

“If you’re getting stressed about everything, chances are that the rest of your team is feeling it too,” Layne says. “It’s important to use this time to appreciate your coworkers. Take some time to talk with them about their lives, ask them how their day is going―anything to show that you care about them.”

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