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Seven Most Common Mistakes People Make When Pitching Their Business

To do something right, you have to know what you’re doing wrong

Back in May of this year, I hosted an online intensive on how to fund-raise like a pro with one of my favorite authors and investors, Fran Hauser. Fran is not only a longtime colleague and confidante, but her best-selling book, The Myth of the Nice Girlis a must-read for anyone working or believing in the archaic leadership model of the days of yore (and bore). It’s even recommended reading in Angela Lee’s classes and she’s Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Dean at Columbia Business School!

During Fran’s Zuckerberg Institute intensive we discussed how raising money can be one of the scariest—yet most important—steps to take when you launch a business. As one of Business Insider's "30 Women in Venture Capital to Watch,” Fran knows what gets her to open up her own wallet to help fund a startup, so later this month Fran will be leading a one-day intensive offering the 7 key elements of crafting the perfect business pitch so investors will open their wallets, too.

To truly learn how to do something right, you also have to know what you’re doing wrong. Here are Fran Hauser’s 7 most common mistakes people make pitching their business.

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