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How CEOs Can Create Insurgent Organizations

It needs to start with the creation of insurgent employees and teams

plural noun: insurgents
definition: a rebel or revolutionary.
synonyms: rebel, revolutionary, revolutionist, mutineer, agitator, subversive…

Not exactly the description that pops to mind when you imagine a desirable new hire for your organization. But I’m not talking about insurgents who will turn against their own. I’m talking about people who will think outside of the box, push the envelope, and create extraordinary business outcomes. So, if you prefer to stick with an organization of conformists you needn’t read on.

Jimmy Allen, Senior Partner at Bain and author of Founder’s Mentality, has famously brought “insurgent brands” into focus. His approach is a solid one and should be leveraged by companies in early to mid-growth stages. However, I believe that the value of insurgency isn’t limited to brands, and that it needs to start with the creation of insurgent employees and teams. The challenge is that as organizations grow, they lose their rebellious spirit and that becomes echoed in new hires.

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