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Daily Buzz: Cultivate Member Loyalty by Focusing on Your Image

Membership retention goes beyond providing value

Let’s start with a little Business 101: It’s more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain one.

For associations, the same rule applies to members. Providing value to current members is an easier way to grow your organization than launching a new membership campaign. But the success of this effort hinges on one main element: member loyalty—something that isn’t easy to cultivate in a crowded marketplace.

The WBT Systems team writes on its blog that although loyalty might start with the value of a product or service, smart processes and accessibility shape behavior, too.

“Consumers, including your learners and members, bring high expectations to the online experience you provide,” they say. “Remove any friction in the user experience. Speed is essential. They must be able to quickly and easily find, purchase, and start using your products and services.”

Another reason loyalty might shift? If a brand has a public image problem.

“Associations have an advantage here. Remind your audience about your mission and core values,” writes the team. “Their participation and revenue help your association fulfill that mission and contribute to the greater good. You’re not here to make investors and shareholders richer, you’re on a mission to move your industry or profession forward for the common good.”

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