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How the Right Team-Building Experience Can Build Stronger Bonds

Team-bonding activities improve creativity, productivity and employee retention

Team bonding can help employees be more creative, more productive, and less likely to leave for another organization, but new research finds that the frequency and type of activities your association uses can determine whether it reaps those benefits.

The research from Nulab, which surveyed 1,000 full-time employees, looked at the best frequency for team bonding, as well as which activities were most valued and effective. Researchers found that most employees favored regular team-bonding experiences, with 31.4 percent preferring quarterly activities and 36.5 percent preferring monthly activities. The types of activities mattered, too, with things like ice breakers and workshops faring poorly.

“The main takeaway from this report is just to be aware of how frequent the team-bonding activities occur, and what activities you decide to set up for team bonding,” said Anja Solum, project manager for Nulab. “Keep a good balance to maintain morale.”

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