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iPhone 11, Pro, Max

Early impressions of Apple's new iPhones for 2019

It's one thing to read every feature and spec about Apple's trio of new iPhones. It's another to get a chance to try out the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in person. CNET did, and we're ready to share our brief first impressions with you about the new square camera mounts, the matte steel casings of the iPhone 11 Pro models and what that midnight green color really looks like IRL (keep reading!). 

And yes, we also want to share with you every important feature and spec that you should care about to help you make your decision about whether to buy or skip this year's new iPhones. Keep in mind that we're holding off any final buying advice until we get a chance to fully test the phones, especially Apple's claims that battery life improves up to five hours over last year's models (for the iPhone 11 Pro Max). 

Back to the beginning, Apple refreshed its line of iPhones for 2019, adjusting the pricing structure along the way. The iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max start at $699, $999 and $1,099, respectively. These new iPhones pick up a fresh palette of colors, longer battery life and a A13 Bionic processor inside that promises faster performance. But more than any other feature, it's the camera hardware and software that take the headlining role. There are three cameras on the back of the Pro phones and two on the back of the iPhone 11. 

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