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Negotiation Skills for Your Career and Everyday Life

For many, confident negotiation does not come naturally

Approaching a vendor to negotiate a deal or sitting down with your boss to discuss a pay raise can be scary, but sometimes there’s no way around it. Whether negotiating the cost of leasing a space or your corporate benefits package, there will come a time when all professionals need to haggle a bit for a lower price or higher value. When money is on the table, it pays to keep your cool. So, how do you maintain your composure when it’s time to negotiate?

For many, confident negotiation does not come naturally. Sometimes, we’re not certain it’s worth the risk. (In fact, The Atlantic reported earlier this year that men and women negotiate differently based on their perceived value of themselves and the risk involved.) While boldly asking for what we want or need is a learned skill, the art of negotiation is necessary if you want to really be the one in control of your business or career.

The best way to avoid the fear and anxiety that comes with professional negotiations is to have a solid plan in place. To that end, Here are five quick tips for creating your negotiation plan, getting the best deal and knowing when to walk away.

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