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Daily Buzz: How to Correct Your Boss After a Mistake

Everybody slips up occasionally - including your boss

Your boss is human, which means, like the rest of us, he or she is prone to mistakes. The only difference is that it can be awkward to tell your superiors that they are in the wrong.

“The last thing you want to do is embarrass them or come off as either being insubordinate or a know-it-all, which means the best approach for addressing a manager’s mistake is to take a light touch,” said Scott Steinberg on Quartz at Work.

So, first things first: Make sure you’ve got your facts right. Managers often have more comprehensive information at their disposal, which could make your conclusion erroneous based purely on lack of resources. Then, think about your motive. Is your urge to correct your boss because it matters or because you just want to be right?

If there’s no way around it—a crucial mistake has been made, and it needs fixing—make sure to time your comments appropriately.

“Avoid approaching superiors out of the blue, while they’re busy or preoccupied with other matters, or in the middle of group gatherings to maximize the chances of them having a better reaction to receipt of the information,” Steinberg said.

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