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10 Things To Immediately Start Doing Frequently On LinkedIn

It’s time to dust off this social media profile

Many of us visit sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a daily — even hourly — basis. We actively participate by reading, commenting and posting on these channels and devour hours’ worth of others’ content on these platforms.  

And then there’s LinkedIn. We may not even remember the last time we signed in to the professional social network, but it constantly lingers in the background — and for good reason. As entrepreneurs and business executives, this is the social network we should visit every day. It connects us to people and ideas that can advance our careers and our businesses.

It’s time to dust off this critical social media profile and start doing these 10 things every day to tap into opportunities for new partnerships, revenue streams, talent, and funding. As someone who highly values my time, I want to make the most of it — and these 10 daily actions have maximized my LinkedIn visits. 

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