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New Health Data Guidelines Give Consumer Tech-makers an Ethical Baseline

These guidelines aim to better protect consumer privacy

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is weighing in on ethical considerations related to the growing array of gadgets that track personal health data. This week, CTA released a set of voluntary guidelines for CTA members and others who make such tools, aiming to protect consumer privacy and ensure that users’ health information is handled responsibly.

The spread of personal health and wellness technology has brought benefits for both consumers and society, CTA noted.

“Consumers benefit first and foremost with more information about their health and wellness and a better ability to choose a fitness plan, make health- and wellness-related decisions, and even navigate complex medical issues. Healthcare companies, science, and society may benefit too,” the new guidelines state in the introduction. “It is now possible to develop sophisticated tools to research health and wellness on an aggregated basis, resulting in better and quicker diagnoses and treatment for certain conditions.”

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