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Athens Considers Airbnb Tax Raises for Bailey’s Trail Funding

The goal is to generate more in transient taxation

Airbnb has become an international phenomenon since 2008, and the sensation is no exception in Athens. Recently, there has been conversation surrounding new taxes and regulations for these updated bed and breakfasts. Councilwoman Chris Fahl, D-4th Ward, has brought up the point in recent City Council meetings. Fahl said the tax is already in effect but is not trying to single out Airbnbs.

“Short-term rentals covers all the various varieties of things we call bed and breakfasts,” Fahl said in an email. “Like all businesses, taxes have to be taken into account in payment. The owner of the short-term rental does not pay the tax, the visitor does. The transient guest tax is the same for all types of hotel and other short-term rental.”

The regulation passed detailed that these Airbnbs would charge residents the 3 percent lodging tax. It was cleared in November 2018, and Fahl said the discussion is about how to use the money. 

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