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Create Mindful Meetings For An Improved Attendee Experience

The face of professional meetings continues to morph

Traditionally, professional meetings take place in windowless hotel ballrooms or conference center boxes, brightly lit by fluorescents while attendees sit motionless in front of PowerPoints and podiums, fueled by coffee, cookies and croissants.

Those days are over. Today’s meeting attendees seek to incorporate health and wellness into every part of their daily lives, even when traveling for meetings. Meeting planners eager to entice and engage attendees will have to think about wellness in every part of the meeting, from the food, to the physical fitness offerings, to the lighting and visual design, even to what attendees take home with them, said Susie Frazier, an artist at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio and author of Designing for Wellness.

“There’s increasing evidence that connecting to nature within our gathering spaces can reduce stress and improves our emotional well-being,” she said.

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