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Your iPhone Battery is Changing The Way You Live Your Life

If your phone battery drains, you symbolically die

How full is your smartphone battery right now? Do you have enough power to make it out to eat and back home? Could you hop on a last-minute flight right now, land, and catch a Lyft to your hotel? Could you stream Spotify on the way? Are all these questions giving you anxiety?

If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, according to a new study out of Cass Business School, published in Marketing Theory, your phone battery, and its ever-draining nature, probably has a profound effect on your life. It’s enough to determine where you go, how you define time and distances, and even how you judge yourself and others. In an age when so much of our world revolves around our apps, our batteries define us, and with stakes that feel quite high.

“If your phone drains, you symbolically die—to yourself and to others,” says Thomas Derek Robinson, lecturer in marketing at Cass.

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