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Great Success Starts With Great Leadership

Today, the role of a leader is more vital than ever

Most leaders stand on the foundation to protect an organization’s established principles at the same time balancing the conflicting demands of those they lead. A great leader tries to align situations which provide the best outcome for the organization, its employees and their members. Knowing how to lead effectively is honed from years of personal experience, trying new approaches, learning what works and what doesn’t work to provide desired outcomes needed to be able to thrive today. In this final article of Community Brands’ Turning Points series by President and CEO, JP Guilbault, JP will be challenging our ideas of a great leader as we endure the 4th industrial revolution.

Sunnie Giles, author of The New Science of Radical Innovation: The Six Competencies Leaders Need to Win in a Complex World, conducted a study which surveyed 195 leaders from 30 global organizations asking each to name the traits that their organization defines as great leadership. The five most respected traits by leaders include, in this order, having a strong ethic, being self-organizing and very efficient in learning capabilities; a person that also nurtures growth, and produces a sense of connection and belonging.

“These traits may seem obvious individually,” remarks Guilbault, “but what isn’t so obvious is the powerful culture created in the workplace when these unique qualities co-exist—and how they collectively lead to success. These common traits foster an environment where teams feel safe, confident, and encouraged to share ideas.” He continues, “what is often misunderstood and a challenge about great leadership is the ability to be a mentor and a friend while simultaneously being direct and driving team performance. When a leader becomes great, they not only give direction and guidance to their team—they work to remove roadblocks and provide a silent force often needed to “make it happen”. This is a hallmark of great leadership; it is where creativity and constructive energy meet to make productivity and a reality.”

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