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Should You Be Using Emoji to Engage With Members?

They could prove a key tool for getting a point across in an effective way

Emoji—which, by the way, are managed and decided upon by a nonprofit—are becoming the internet’s lingua franca. And that means that they could prove a key tool for marketers looking to get a point across in an effective way.

In fact, they might get people to open up your email or buy your products more often. According to a July report from the creative software company Adobe, 44 percent of emoji users said they were more likely to buy a product advertised with an emoji, while 58 percent said they would be more likely to open a message with a friendly emoji in the subject line.

And don’t let their reputation as being fun deter you from using them in a professional setting. The Adobe Emoji Trend Report found that 61 percent of respondents use emoji at work, and respondents found that the symbols improved likability (78 percent) and credibility (63 percent) in discussion.

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