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Membership Hack: Free Internship Postings

Give your members access to an expanded employee base

The American Physical Society (APS) allows members to post their internship openings on its online career center for free, which helps them find qualified candidates and gives student members greater access to career opportunities.

How to hack it? At the start of the fall, spring, and summer seasons, the APS reminds members to recruit interns using its online Physics Job Center. But unlike other career portals that charge money for postings, APS offers its members a free-two month listing for all internship positions—a benefit that saves them $650.

Why does it work? The career website makes it easier to recruit qualified applicants, and it also helps student members find jobs. APS has more than 13,000 student members, as well as partnership network that includes the American Association of Physics Teachers; AVS: Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing; and the IEEE Computer Society.

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