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The Hidden Frustrations Behind Expense Reports

Here are some insights to better understand how people approach them

When it comes to filing expense reports for your association business travel, are you a side-stepper or a martyr?

According to Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger, there are five types of expense report filers. “Side-steppers,” for example, procrastinate on doing their reports out of confusion or to avoid confrontation over-spending. “Martyrs” may not seek reimbursement at all as a way to support the organization’s mission. Other types include “payback artists,” “rookies” and “grifters.”

“How people handle expense reports reveals a lot about their attitudes toward their employer and their emotional baggage about money,” writes Shellenbarger, who consulted with psychologists for her piece. The differences reflect the ways that different types of employees handle many day-to-day tasks, beyond expense reporting, they note.

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