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Introverts: Implement These Tactics to Shine in Meetings

Break free from extroverts' shadows

You may not be a glib small-talker who enjoys publicizing yourself on a billboard for all to see. You may also struggle at the idea of promoting your admirable achievements and personal qualities. In today’s work world, initiative is rewarded, speaking out is cheered and taking action is applauded. For an introvert, this reality can leave you walking in an extrovert’s shadow.

How Introverts Can Command Attention
Introverts can step into the limelight with confidence if they appreciate their strengths, and rely on what comes naturally. Recognize as an introvert your natural tendency to listen, focus and pose questions can further a conversation and fuel the discussion in a meaningful direction. The key is to balance your introverted strengths with a touch of borrowed, extroverted energy.

With some careful reflection and planning, you can jump into a conversation or contribute your thoughts at a meeting with confidence and ensure that your valuable voice rises to equal the volume of the trumpeting extroverts.

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