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Why You Should Actively Seek Out a Younger Mentor

Working with a mentor younger than you will help you stay ahead of trends

Every high achiever has probably had some mentors along the way. Often times, people who are new to the business world seek the knowledge of an older, more experienced leader who can guide them through situations they've already successfully navigated.

But mentorship can go both ways. And as business leaders try to adapt to a business landscape influenced by a new demographic of customers--Gen Z--many are turning to younger business thinkers to serve as unconventional, but effective, mentors. It's a trend called reverse mentoring.

Recently, I met Jesse Kay, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, investor and expert on new trends in business. When Brandon Steiner, founder and former CEO of Steiner Sports, joined Kay on his 20 Under 20s Podcast, Steiner was so impressed with Kay's knowledge that he asked him for advice, rather than simply offering his own.

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