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Boards Should Keep the Mission Statement Front and Center

Too often, they get "in the weeds"

“It’s the nonprofit organizations who make our communities better.” That’s how Bob Harris, CAE, opened his remarks as the keynote speaker at this year’s Building Better Boards program hosted by Leadership Tallahassee.

With generous support from Big Bend Cares and Tena Pate & Associates, this year’s program was another successful opportunity for leadership volunteers to learn more about governing their respective nonprofit and to network with other board members.  

During his remarks, Bob offered great tips in a short amount of time so look for a guest column from him next week. I particularly liked his suggestion to share the front page of the directors and officer’s insurance policy once a year at a board meeting. It’s a helpful reminder to board members the policy exists and of their obligation not to violate a board’s three primary legal duties known as the duty of care, duty of loyalty and duty of obedience. 

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