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Four Ways Organizations Can Boost Their Industry's Future Workforce

Associations can play a critical role

Future workforce is a hot-button issue in many industries, with associations looking to boost the flow of talent into their respective fields. Last week, at a lunch and learn called “Associations’ Role in Education and Workforce Development,” experts discussed ways associations can help ensure a steady flow of current and future talent to their organizations and industries.

“Associations have to be out there so young people—and not-so-young people—as they are transitioning in jobs, know who they are,” said panelist Jane Oates, president of WorkingNation and a former Department of Labor appointee. “With the exception of big ones, people don’t know they exist.”

The three panelists, led by moderator Kiki L’Italien, concentrated on four areas associations should focus attention on to help their industries find, train, and keep talent.

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