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AARP’s New Stock Photo Collection Looks to Fight Ageism

AARP, Getty Images team up to represent modern-day life

When it comes to highlighting different types of people, stock photos say a lot—and they often don’t show the full picture.

That problem of perception has created issues for diverse groups, including racial and ethnic minorities as well as trans and non-binary people, who often may not show up in photos at all. This has led to efforts to create more diverse stock photos.

But even in cases where a group is generally well-represented, the pictures at times don’t shine an accurate light. That’s a problem that AARP hopes to solve with a new partnership with Getty Images. The association for older Americans is teaming with the stock photo giant on its Disrupt Aging Collection, which aims to show realistic, modern images of older adults that move past stereotypes that might appear in editorial or marketing contexts.

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